Plantation programme being held on 27th July 2011, morning 11 am by incharge secretary Rajsamand , district. Collector - Yashwant b. Preetam, Rampal sharma - CEO - Zila Parishad, Rajsamand.
Sh. Anna Hazare Gi arriving to piplantri panchayat on 30th July to grace and guide the panchayat piplantri.
Success Story
Gram panchayat Piplantri
Gram panchayat Piplantri

These lines were dedicated on the occasion of inspection of the Gram Panchayat Piplantri on 8 July 2005 by the present tehsildar Mr.Ramesh Chandra Agarwal.

And the face has definitely changed which is concluded by the following story of success of Gram Panchayat Piplantri.---
The work was going on under the complete cleanliness program of the village. Until year 2006-07 none of the gram panchayats of Rajasthan received the Nirmal Gram Award. With the inspiration of main working officer,sarpanch Shri Shyam Sunder Paliwal took a resolution to make the gram panchayat into Nirmal Gram Panchayat in may 2006.

The Total population of Piplantri Panchayat is 5138 and 7 Rajasv gram are Piplantri, Morwad, Gugleta, Umthi, Aarna and Bhudan. On taking the post of sarpanch by Shri Shyam Sunder Paliwal on 4 feb 2005, the first work done was sector reform and Swajaldhara Yojna along with acceptance of 11 drinking water plan due to which the water scarcity was removed forever.
Generally gram panchayat Piplantri is well known for its marble mining industry. In this gram panchayat, the famous R.K.Marbles is located whose name is recorded in Guinness Book of World Record for maximum production of marble.
But the environment got badly effected gradually. Without considering the future, previous gram panchayats gave 50-60 N.O.C’s due to which there were many mines in
Gram panchayat ran the program, evening to night, Panchayat at your door and got in touch with the problems of the villagers and tried to solve it quickly and rest was on thought.
After drinking water the first problem which they faced were of lights and cleanliness. For cleaning the village, start was made by the Sarpanch, Panchayat members and other officers along with other villagers. For solving the light problem at night, the suggestion was made that the lights which uses least voltage is to be used on the streets and roads on expense of gram panchayat & whose electricity bill will be beared by the person infront of whose house the lights will be placed and this experiment was remarkably successful. Today aprox.350 lights are working in the village with the contribution of the villagers due to which whole gram panchayat is lighted.
With the mutual efforts of the villagers, the main roads of the village were broadened. Along with cement and concrete roads, pakki drains were formed.
For fulfilling the requirement for the dream of Nirmal Gram, 26 toilets were constructed for the students for 13 schools. For the three anganwadi centres special sanitation facility were constructed. From the total of 799 families the selected 215 families were provided with Rs.1200 monthly under the plan along with other support like material, WC etc to the experienced workers.
The 11 ward panch and all 103 workers created sound contact with each other on sharing their houses which resulted in success of the program.
Cleaning of houses, self cleanliness, proper storage of drinking water, use of ladles, washing hands before taking meals and after sanitation, child care were given the importance. The responsibility of vaccination was taken by the workers of A.N.M. anganwadi which brought surprising changes in the village.

On making all such efforts, the panchayat applied for Nirmal Gram Award on 15 august 2006 on which the inspection committee of central govt. made a survey and then high inspection committee inspected and made a contact with the villagers.
In the end, on 4 May 2007 along with 2 other panchayats Auda and Taladary h’ble president A.P.J Kalam awarded Gram Piplantri with president’s award

I thank the panchayat and the people that altogether they presented this example and I want all panchayats to be the same. All will get light here. My best wishes for the development in future.

Nirmal Chittora
Consultant, UNICEF, Jaipur


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